Party Generator 2016

The stupidest thing Tom Chambers has ever made

If your life is anything like mine you're constantly struggling to prepare guest lists for all the mind-blowing parties you plan. So I've created this tool to assist in this burden. Provided you maintain a graph of your social network, it will allow you to automatically generate a list of people that know each other to invite. It walks the graph using a depth-first search and adds people to the party based on their relationship to their friends. If the current person's connections are already attending, the generator goes back one step.

Your party: Click person to generate list

Click person again to regenerate based on parameter changes

You can adjust the size and diversity parameters to generate a different kind of party. A low diversity score chooses connections that the current party members know well allowing for a comfortable and relaxed environment. A high diversity score adds connections that the party knows but not well, creating an environment where people can get to know new people.

Size is from 1 to 20. A party larger than 1 is advised. If you're planning a party larger than 20 please get in touch with your local authority to ensure you are in posession of appropriate permits.